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About this Web-site

Coenraad Pierre Simeon Noyon

This web-site was inspired by the book my father wrote about the first 6 generations known to date of the Noyon family.

He said in his concluding remarks:

Although I have more material available – the Labadists, who aroused my curiosity, the Van der Veen, whose family archives I encountered in Argentina and of course about the later Noyon generations with the descendants of the patriarch Petrus Simeon – this must wait until the next publication – Deo volente – .

My sisters Doranne and Johanna and my older brother Tarquinius, who has no children, have graciously decided that I should be the custodian of the family archives, with all the responsibilities that it encompasses. These archives not only consist of numerous documents and letters, mainly written in Dutch, but also of a collection of paintings and other objects. I took the task upon me not only of trying to promote the family history to the next generations, but also to make this wealth of documented family history easily accessible to my family members and to others. Although I am generation 12 after ‘Anthony I’ was first traced in Utrecht, the Noyons have not much propagated. Presently there are about 25 Noyon-named family members alive, 13 in 1947 and 21 in 2007.

Having lived in 15 countries all over the world and having been married to a non-Dutch speaker, I have non-Dutch speaking children. Luckily the world’s communication technology is changing. My son ‘Anthoni V’ is an expert in web-design and hosting (, so we created this web-site with his help and advice. Remains the ardent task of translating the Dutch chapters into English, for which I need the help of my daughter Laetitia, a language buff and composer-singer (I am the dust), who speaks as many languages as I do with the exception of Dutch, but much much better. We will also try to add some information about the as yet unpublished generations, as this web-site progresses. This will be an ongoing task over the many years to come, but at least I hope we made a good start. Who knows, this web-site may help to find the link to our origins in France!

Coenraad Pierre Simeon Noyon

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