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14th generation


Anais Allegra Adria Victor Anabel Athina

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Anthoni & Laetitia


Anthoni  Laetitia

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Tarc @ Coen


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Tjerk Frederik NOYON


Tjerk Frederik NOYON was born 24 December 1920 in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederland and died 6 August 2001 in S-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Nederland. He married Willy CIEREMANS daughter of George Nicolaas CIEREMANS and Johanna Martina JONKHEID 24 November 1948 in S-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Nederland. She was born 8 March 1919 in Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Nederland and died 9 August 1991 in Overijse, Brabant, Belgique.

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Coenraad Noyon


Coenraad NOYON was born July 9, 1890 in Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland and died December 22, 1966 in S-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Nederland. He married Alice Wilhelmine FORTANIER daughter of André Pierre FORTANIER and Julie Blanche RÉGIS November 25, 1919 in Bussum, Noord-Holland, Nederland. She was born January 4, 1898 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland and died May 12, 1959 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland. He married Martijntje BOUMAN March 14, 1961 in Nieuwer Amstel, Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, Nederland. She was born August 19, 1917 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland and died April 15, 1973 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland.

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Tarquinius Noyon 1848 - 1929


Tarquinius Johannes NOYON was born December 24, 1848 in Sneek, Friesland, Nederland and died July 31, 1929 in Soest, Utrecht, Nederland. He married Louize Catharina Elizabeth Van VALKENBURG daughter of Coenraad Van VALKENBURG and Cornelia CALÈS July 26, 1887 in Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland. She was born April 20, 1863 in Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland and died April 15, 1943 in S-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Nederland.

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mr Petrus Simeon Noyon


Petrus Simeon NOYON was born August 2, 1817 in Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland and died August 19, 1893 in Oosterbeek, Renkum, Gelderland, Nederland. He married Johanna WOUTERS daughter of Izaak Beerents WOUTERS and Catharina HESSELINK June 25, 1846 in Sneek, Friesland, Nederland. She was born June 18, 1825 in Sneek, Friesland, Nederland and died April 2, 1905 in S-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Nederland.

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Letter of Tarquinius Johannes Terpstra Noyon to his parents
Vienna 13 August 1813


Tarquinius Johannes Terpstra NOYON was born October 31, 1792 in Sneek, Friesland, Nederland and died June 2, 1846 in Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland. He married Baudina Elisabeth STINSTRA daughter of Pieter STINSTRA and Aaltje WYBENGA October 20, 1816 in Franeker, Franekeradeel, Friesland, Nederland. She was born January 25, 1796 in Franeker, Franekeradeel, Friesland, Nederland and died May 31, 1881 in Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland.

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alliance coat of arms
carved panel 45 by 56 cm
year of origin 1782
wood-carver: Matthijs Ankringa (Lemmer 1754 – Sneek 1814)

The Coat of Arms

 The “alliance” coat of arms 1782 Noyon: In red a silver walnut tree on green grass ground. Terpstra/van Buren: Quartered (half a black Friesian eagle on gold, three green clover …

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Mr. Petrus Simeon Noyon 1761-1848 (No. VI of NP). 19th century copy of 18th century original.
Collection author. canvas 70 x 55 cm.


Mr. Petrus Simeon Noyon, born Sneek, 17 August 1761, Attorney 1790, town council 1815, solicitor from 1809 until 1823 in Sneek, receiver direct taxation since 1823, in and outgoing duties, died there 18 April 1848, marries (1st) Sneek 17 November 1782 Remelia Terpstra, bapt. Peins 7 March 1760, died in Leeuwarden 18 January 1814, daughter of Tarquinius and Aaltje van Buuren; marries (2nd) Menaldumadeel 17 November 1816 Trijntje Heslinga, born Deetgum 12 December 1790, died Sneek 22 October 1862, daughter of Sijbren and Trijntje Abes and widow of Jan Wijbes Bottinga.

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