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The book

To obtain a complete copy of the book in Dutch, download the pdf-file:

> De geschiedenis van de familie Noyon, Utrecht – Sneek, 1668 – 1856 <

Author: Tjerk Frederik Noyon

Editor:  Madelon d’Aulnis de Bourouill


Note from the author Tjerk Frederik Noyon:

The research on this family history has taken many years. With the re-publication of our genealogical family tree in 1982, I considered my job ended. My children thought however, if I was not to write it up in an orderly report, that nobody could make sense later from the masses of notes, correspondence and documents which in the course of time were collected. So I started to work and wrote at times parts of the following publication, for which my daughter Johanna did much typing. The manuscript remained for years to rest. It is only recently that I had the idea, to call in the help of my niece Madelon d’Aulnis, who had done history and library studies. It was a pleasant cooperation. It is her critical analysis, that finally brought this publication to light.

The Hague 2001




Tjerk Noyon is deceased after an illness on August 5, 2001. We had printing proofs before his death and were able to discuss some changes to the full satisfaction of the author. His instructions are incorporated in this release. Coenraad Noyon has inherited the family archives, collected by his father, and hopes to continue the publication thereof.

September 2001

M. d’Aulnis

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