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About the author of this book

Tjerk Frederik Noyon
1920 – 2001

Chronology of the life of the author
Tjerk Noyon
Early childhood
December 24, 1920
I am born in Rotterdam, son of Coenraad Noyon (1890-1966) and Alice Wilhelmine Fortanier (1898-1959). Father was a naval officer, but after his marriage in 1919 he started a banking career. Mother was the daughter of a Dutch father and a French mother.
October 1, 1922
is the birth of my sister Blanche in Courbevoie, a suburb of Paris, where my parents were living: father works in a French bank.
Back in the Netherlands we live in The Hague, Belvedèreweg. I go at age five to elementary school.
We live in Schiedam above the Incassobank, where my father is director. After I finished the lower school I have went to the Schiedams Gymnasium up  to the fourth class.
We live again in The Hague. I went to the second Municipal Gymnasium, Blanche to the liberal Christian High School, where she gets to know her future husband.
June 1938
I graduated from high school beta section.
Since I never doubled classes and am a bit young for college or for the military service, my father allowed me to have “a year for myself.” The choice falls on staying in the estancia La Cata Louis Baron Taets van Amerongen on the Argentine pampas, 600 km from Buenos Aires. Through his connections my father organizes (free) ferry to Buenos Aires, going out as working passenger and back as an employed pupil mate.
Military service and five-day campaign
October 1939
I go early in military service, to the School for Reserve Officers Mounted Artillery (SROBA). Because of the mobilization the school of Ede has moved to Breda and training chopped up: 3 months school (up to the rank of sergeant), 3 months troops (to admit a new set of recruits in the school), and then again three months back to the school to rank of cornet.
January 1940
As a  sergeant I occupy the artillery battery 1-1-6 RA, stationed in claimed flower-bulb sheds in Sassenheim.
10 to 15 May 1940
German invasion and the five-day campaign. I am bombarded to (unridden) Piece Commander of the first battery. When leaving Sassenheim we get to endure a Stuka attack, where my friend and schoolmate Leonard van den Broek perishes. We shoot at the paratroopers at the airport Valkenburg and advance to Delft, to the south of which my piece position is supposed to take under fire armored vehicles coming from Rotterdam. However, they never appear and the Netherlands capitulates. We return to Sassenheim and are considered as prisoners of war.
June 1940
We are released from captivity and I register in September for the study of geology at Leiden University. I continue to live with my parents and do not become a member of the student-corps, which financially poorly fits my parents.
Fall 1941
The university is closed by the Germans after the speech of Rector Cleveringa in which he protested against the dismissal of the Jewish Professor Meyers.
March 1942
Resumption of studies at the university.
April 1943
The Germans demand a declaration of loyalty from all the students and call on the soldiers, demobilized in 1940, to register again. I have not responded to this and leave Groningen.
Hiding and illegality
Autumn 1943
After having been for several months in hiding with friends in Hattem, I am back again in The Hague, where I spent the rest of the war, either with my parents in the Imhoff straat, or at various hiding places in the city. Louis d’Aulnis, who we thought had left for England, was staying some time in my childhood home, which he used for tensioning an antenna on the flat roof Where he maintains radio contact with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in London.
March 1944
I am a witness at the wedding that Blanche and Louis had using false names, at a “friendly” town hall. I join the intelligence group Packard, who are trained by Louis and provided with transmitters and maintain the contact between the two-man management and a dozen “scouts” in the provinces.
March 3, 1945
Bombardment and fire from the Bezuidenhout, where I am now back living with my parents. With a friend we see opportunity to avoid the burning down of our block.
May 1945
Liberation. The whole family is still intact.
National Security Agency (BNV) and
National Security Service (BVD)
June 1945
I do not resume my geological study but enter with the rank of Captain in the General Service employed by the BNV, who under Colonel Mr. L. Einthoven are charged with tracking down war criminals. I am part of a small  liaison group with the Allied forces under Captain Gerbrands BI, who invited me for this. First Breda (Canadians), later in Frankfurt (Americans). Through this service, I am protected from being drafted for the war in  the Dutch East Indies.
Fall 1946
With a group of five colleagues, I am sent to the MI-5 , the famed British security service, for a course of two months. Afterwards we have a blueprint design for the new Dutch security. In the distribution of jobs my task is of setting up the central registration and documentation department. With the rank of Referendaris I will continue to exercise this function until my departure in late 1952.
November 24, 1948
Marriage with Willy Cieremans (1919-1991). We go to live in the Imhoff Straat. Daughter Doranne from her first marriage (born 1943) is included in our family.
1950 and 1951
Our sons Tarquinius and Coenraad are born in the Nijenrode straat.
European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in Luxembourg
December 1, 1952
Due to reduced pleasure in my work and poor prospects  I apply to my friendly relationship Max Kohnstamm, Secretary of the High Authority of the ECSC in Luxembourg.
He invites me to join him for some months and assist him as an expert in the structuring of the administration of this new organisation. I start my service in Luxembourg, which eventually will take my whole future working life. I hold successively various positions in the administrative sector, starting with Main Staff.
Our youngest and last child, daughter Johanna is born in Luxembourg.
Establishment in Brussels of two new European communities: Economic (EEC) and Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)
January 1962
Appointed Director of Internal Affairs, the large department where all infrastructural services are housed, except Personnel and Finance. It includes, inter alia, Housing, Procurement, Interpreting and Conference Service, Translation Service, Computer Centre, Publications Department (which include our ”Gazette” magazine).
Daughter Doranne  marries in the Netherlands with Engineer Willem de Waard. Their children will be born  in 1967 (Delia) and 1968 (Tjerk).
The three European communities are merged and their executive bodies (High Authority and Committees) are fused. I lost my job in Luxembourg and have to look for a new job.
European Commission in Brussels
June 1968
I start my new duties as Director of the merged Security Commission in Brussels and am directly responsible to the President. I will stay in this job until my retirement end of 1985.
Spring 1969
We move from Luxembourg, where we have lived 16 years, to Overijse, 20 km from my work in Brussels, initially in a rented house and as from 1971 in the villa built for us: Overveld.
The last three children leave the parental home. Tarquinius achieves at Ghent art school the degree of sculptor and married in 1972 with an English girl with whom he seperates already back in 1975. Coenraad is studying Business Administration in Manchester, joined the ABN and married in 1977 with the French concert pianist Caroline Murat, whose daughter Deborah is brought into the marriage, and gives him a son Anthoni (1978) and a daughter Laetitia (1980). Johanna is married in 1976 in Overveld with the Italian engineer Emilio Brambilla and they go to live in Milan. The couple remains childless and adopts in 1983 the son Vincent. The marriage is dissolved in 1990.
January 1, 1973
Joining of England, Ireland and Denmark to the European Union and in
followed by Greece.
September 1981
I am struck by a heart attack, which I survive without surgery but with a third reduced cardiac output.
December 31, 1985
I am retired after 33 years at the European Union, whose last 17 years as Director of the Security Department. In the latter quality I have served under six different Presidents: Jean Rey (1967), Malfatti (1970), Mansholt (1972), Roy Jenkins (1976), Thorn (1981) and last but not least Delors (1985). At that time I visited regularly the intelligence and security services of the participating countries, to begin with those of the founders (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) later expanded to include England, Ireland, Denmark and finally Greece. The Office had established a recognized position in the organization of the Commission. I was succeeded by the Head of the (Dutch) Homeland Security, who for that specific purpose resigned as Head.
There were a few happy years with many nice trips to Indonesia, the United States and South Africa, until  in 1990 my wife was found with an  incurable breast cancer.
August 2, 1991
my wife died with whom I had shared joys and sorrows for 42 years and who had played an indelible role in my life and career. I kept our house in Overijse but I rented a flat in The Hague, where I found again many old friends and family.
September 1994
I was detected with lung cancer. The operation was successful but the removal of a portion of the lung, combined with the reduced cardiac output provides shortness of breath. I quit smoking and can still take care of myself.
June 27, 1995
dies my sister Blanche, whom I again saw so much of in recent years.
March 1999
I write this story.
December 24, 2000
The entire family of all lords countries come with me to Monaco to celebrate my eightieth birthday. It was a particular success. Everyone has been able to renew the contacts. It was a boost for the family feeling in which the grandchildren had a full part.